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Premier Dance

Pre-Professional Program

July 2022 Auditions 

July 16th: 
10:30am: Technique & Skills

Dancers will be asked to demonstrate advanced skills such as, but not limited to:
-Splits: Right/Left/Center/Overstretch
-Quad Pirouettes
-Advance a La Seconde Turn Combinations (At least 2 8-counts into a double pirouette)
-Aerial & Tumbling Skills: Side Aerial, Front Aerial, Back Walkover, Back Step Layout, Back Handspring, Back Tuck (Spotter will be available to assist and determine readiness & overall potential.)
-Advanced Leaps: Center, Tilt, Arabesque, Calypso, Switch
-Technique Terminology

11:45am: Ballet

Dancers should plan to wear all-black, pink/flesh-colored or black tights, ballet shoes, hair in a bun.
Dancers will be evaluated at barre, center, and across the floor.  The ballet portion will be evaluated in front of highly-qualified working professionals.

1-1:30pm: Lunch

1:30pm: Jazz
Dancers may wear comfortable dance clothing.  Dancers will learn an advanced jazz combo.  The jazz combo will be performed individually in front of highly-qualified working professionals, and will include an improve section.
**Invitations to the interview round will be announced at the conclusion of the Jazz session.

3pm: Interviews
Dancers will be given an interview order to meet with Premier Director & Assistant Director.

Premier Dance Pre-Professional Program Dancers for the 2022-2023 Season will be announced the evening of July 16th.

Program requirements and additional information may be requested by emailing

Pre-Pro Audition Registration

To pre-register for the Pre-Professional Program Auditions, please fill out and submit the information below.  Your dancer will automatically be added to the audition list, and additional information will be sent to you as we near the auditon date.

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